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If you're a fan of South Parkyou already know that some of the best episodes feature the loveable Butters Stotch. For this list we're ranking all the Butters episodes of South Parkand we want you to vote for your favorites. Many of these episodes involve Butters and Cartman getting together for some kind of scheme or adventure, usually ending with Cartman tricking Butters and taking advantage of him.

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Figuring out just what is and isn't appropriate to show on television is a tricky thing, as artistic and cultural standards change all the time. Once upon a time, showing a married couple sleeping in the same bed would be an inappropriate scenewhich is why Lucy and Ricky slept in separate twin beds like 6-year-olds on I Love Lucy. Still, there are times when audiences themselves decide that TV shows have simply gone too far.

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It's a comedy of a young Mormon's encounter with the porn industry. Joe Young goes to spread the Word of God door-to-door, as Mormons do, and finds himself sharing the Word with some porn stars. When security starts hassling him he defends himself with some martial-arts moves that get the film director's attention.

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You need to bring something else to it, something decidedly unique to make it standout. South Park is steadily the best place for satire on television because the writers take aim at a specific news story, TV show, trend, or movie, and then push it to some extremely bizarre place that is completely unexpected. A known anti-Semite like Mel Gibson making Passion of the Christ is a joke that writes itself, but having him run around, throwing feces in full Braveheart make-up is some absurdity that only South Park would attempt.

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A cafeteria worker at the local elementary school in the town of South Park, ColoradoChef is generally portrayed as more level-headed than the other adult residents of the town, and sympathetic to the children. To an inadvertent fault, he frequently gives inappropriate advice, usually in the non sequitur form of a lascivious soul song. Chef was inspired by Hayes and other popular soul singers of the sas well as an actual dining hall worker encountered by series co-creator Trey Parker while he attended the University of Colorado.

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The filmmakers were instructed to trim a few pie thrusts. An erotic thriller about a bisexual Sharon Stone suspected of murdering her lover with an ice pick, this Paul Verhoeven film was pressured to tone down its violence and an extensive love scene that intimated oral sex. After twice being stamped with an NC rating, Smith appealed the rating on the grounds that the sex in the film was comedic… and wound up with an R.

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The title of the episode is derived from the song of the same name by soul singer Marvin Gaye. In the episode, the sex scandal of golf pro Tiger Woods has the media and public frantic to determine why rich and successful men would suddenly crave sex with multiple partners. Meanwhile, schools are screened for the condition and KyleKenny and Butters are diagnosed with sexual addiction.

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November 9 was a weird day in America. It was as if everyone in the country woke up from an month bender and realized they had sent naked selfies to everyone in their office. But while a lot of us stared at our work computers in a stunned silence, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were busy prepping an episode they didn't expect to write.

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Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones sex scenes used to be as numerous as they were steamy. No more.

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This South Park sex parody features too much characters I think. In the first scene Kyle's parents Gerald and Sheila Broflovski are fucking on the couch. Gerald is licking Sheila's nipple during sex.


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